Participatory deepfake project to imagine alternative political dialogues.

Process & Concept Deepfake Video

Process & Concept

Utilizing open participatory platforms and advanced audio-visual techniques, VirtualPolitik starts new political dialogues. By inviting the public to contribute to production of deepfake videos, we aim to generate inclusive and positive messages.

Imagining new ways of political communications.
Co-creating alternative political messages.
Using AI and deepfake technologies for and by the public.

Critially, media technologies based artificial intelligence (AI) are mostly owned and utilized by large corporations. With rapid development of deepfake videos, the public is increasingly concerned by fake porns and fake news. Beyond challenges of detecting and regulating doctored videos, we investigate how we can utilize these technologies for positive changes.

VirtualPolitik bring this technology to the public in order to co-create deepfake videos. By writing and producing an alternative political speech together, we envision and explore a inclusive future together.

"New media creates new political spheres."

Deepfake Video

VirtualPolitik FiveHeads
VirtualPolitik Merkel

Imagining alternative ways of communicating between the public and the political class.

VirtualPolitik Ending

Using an open platform and a public space to generate a feedback loop.

Partner Projects

I stand up here - American Art Incubator in Ukraine 2020

Participatory political speech writing

We are inviting everyone to co-create an inclusive and positive political message. You may contribute anonymously or with a credit.

Open Document


Created by Neo Christopher Chung
Sound by George Carter Dyer
Speech written by anonymous writers

VirtualPolitik was born in the American Arts Incubator - Austria hosted by Ars Electronica and ZERO1, supported by U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in July 2020. Led by Rashin Fahandej, the Future of Inclusion Lab is a series of co-creation workshops that consist of listening/witnessing sessions, field research, and story and data collection activities. The initial members of VirtualPolitik also included Monica Vlad, Patricia Cadavid, and Nika Pfeifer. Nikita Khudiakov with support of Vartan Markarian and Vitaly Yankovy created the VR experience, MetaCouncil, on Mozilla Hubs for Ars Electronica Festival.

VirtualPolitik (left) and I'm Standing Here exhibited on Mozilla Hubs during the Ars Electronica Festival 2020
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